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Remember Me?

Posted by onemansbeliefs on June 18, 2009

The mind is an amazing piece of work or maybe it’s just mine and I am overwhelmed by the things that happen in it.  For instance, the other morning I was lying next to the Mrs. and I started thinking about a couple of Dutch girls I came in contact with over 20 years ago.  They were of approximately the same age, late teens or early 20s.

Allow me to explain…

Dutch girl #1 – I was serving in the United States Air Force and was stationed in the Netherlands when I first met DG1.  I was at an Al Stewart concert and was reading a book while waiting for the concert to begin.  DG1 sat next to me and started up a conversation.  She asked some questions about me and was pleasant until she found out that I was in the military.  She then went on a tirade about the evils of nuclear war and how she was opposed to having nuclear missiles located in her country.  I waited for her rant to end and then politely told her that I had no authority in the decision making process on where the nukes would be placed. I did offer some wisdom and told her it was far better to have nukes launched from your country than having them launched into your country in the time of war.  She did not even have the courtesy to say goodbye when she left.

Dutch girl #2– I was serving in the United States Air Force and was stationed in the Netherlands when I met DG2.  Every year the anti-American Dutch would surround the base in protest of America having troops in their country.  These, for the most part, were peaceful protests.  However, there was always a group of people that would gather at the front gate waving American flags showing their support for the Americans.  They would stop cars, thank the service members and give them flowers.  In the years there my working different shifts kept me from meeting the protesters or supporters.  However, one year, I was walking to the front gate and almost made it when I heard a shout.  I stopped and was approached by DG2.  She handed me a flower and said “Thank you.”

All these years later, the only thing I remember about these two young ladies are their words and actions.

Back to me next to the Mrs…

I was thinking about these two young ladies and remembered a goal that I once had when I was young…ger.

It was to be remembered…

I didn’t care how or why, I just wanted to be remembered.

Yes, I was once a pathetic individual.  In my early years I was shy to the extreme.  I would not speak to anyone I didn’t know and certainly would not approach a stranger.  The pendulum swung and I would talk to anyone and would barge into any situation and take control.  I am now a stable individual with no desire to just be remembered.

I’ve come to believe that how one is remembered is the important thing and even this is not in my control.

So, if how I’m remembered is not in my control, what is in my control?

To be the best person I can possibly be…


One Response to “Remember Me?”

  1. Sweet said

    if I’m not to be remembered for my deeds or accomplishments, may I be remembered for my humor and the laughter we have shared

    great blog gaines 🙂

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