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Just Words?

Posted by onemansbeliefs on February 11, 2009

Hope and Change…

These are the words that have been hammered into our heads for the last two years. Over and over all those who chose not to support our previous President have spoken these words. Hope and Change. These are powerful words and they were used effectively. Numerous individuals were indoctrinated with these words and came to believe that Hope and Change was the only alternative.

We were never given details of what Hope and Change would bring or how it would come to pass in our lives. It was as if, said enough, this would bring about the Hope and Change of which was spoken. However, Hope and Change are merely words and they by themselves fall short of bringing about the hope and change that was encouraged by so many.

Hope – To wish for something with expectation. A desire accompanied by some confident expectation. Something that is desired.

Change – To be or cause to be different, alter.

Sadly, the something or the desire in Hope and the different in Change were never defined or explained by those that were championing these words. Hope and Change were simply stated as not being President Bush or his policies. In order to accept the Hope and Change as presented by the harbingers of Hope and Change one must believe that President Bush and all he accomplished as President are wrong. This is a belief that I will never have or present when discussing our previous President. This does not mean that I concur with each and every decision he made in regards to all the situations presented before him. I do not, but I do believe he thought his actions were in the best interest of the United States of America.

It might be just me, but Hope and Change are not the words that I heard for the past two years. Each time the words Hope and Change were spoken, I heard…

Hate and Fear…

Hate all things Bush and Fear that all things he did will remain. The words Hate and Fear are just as powerful as Hope and Change, but with one difference. Hate and Fear can be void of rationality and this makes them both dangerous. I believe Hate and Fear require an action without an intelligent thought process. One example is the executive decision to close Guantanamo Bay, or Gitmo as it is readily known. President Bush created it; hence it is wrong and must not be allowed to continue.. Our President has signed an order and Gitmo will be closed in one year. This decision has been made without knowing how it is to be closed. Without knowing where those that are held in this secure location are to be sent. Without knowing how to determine the guilt, innocence, punishment or release of those held.

This kinda reminds me of the joke where a stranger asks an old farmer for directions and the farmer says, “You can’t get there from here.”

The thing I find odd about Hate and Fear is that it makes so many people happy. I’m not sure why, but I think it has something to do with making them feel better about themselves. Again, an irrational thought process. I may not have all the answers, but there is one thing I can do…

I can Hope those that Hate and Fear will Change their ways…


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